Using Markdown in TextWrangler 4

Convert Markdown to html using the script and TextWrangler. I’m using v. 4.0 and the Unix Filters trick didn’t work for me. This did.

Get TextWrangler

Get it here or from the Mac App store.


This is a hot topic right now so there is a lot of info out there. Get the original from Daring Fireball.

Putting the Perl Script in Place

Unzip the downloaded file and copy to the Text Filters folder.

~/Library/Application Support/Text Wrangler/Text Filters

You can use the Go => Go to Folder feature from the Finder to get to the hidden Library folder.

Making Magic Happen

Open TextWrangler and type in your Markdown code.

Convert your markdown to html by going to the menubar and selecting

Text => Apply Text Filter => Markdown

You now have a properly formatted html file to scp to your server, paste into your editor, or whatever cool things you are doing with markdown.

Note – Saving your file with a .text extension will give you some code highlighting features.

If you want to preview your Markdown code before filtering to html you can use Marked, the free nvalt (which I use for notes anyways) or any number of markdown tools on the webs. You can also use Mou. It’s in development and looks great.

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  • April 19, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    Thank you! Didn’t know how to add text filters – really useful.

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