Python 3.6 on macOS 10.13

I find myself switching between machines lately. I managed to "forget" a couple of steps between desktop, laptop, new install, etc. Here are a couple of notes, mostly for me, to get python and some plugins working!

Installing python is pretty straightforward. I use the official download for both mac and windows.

This will install in the /Applications folder on a Mac. There are a couple of files to run in order to complete the installation.

Python no longer uses the certificate store on macOS to verify SSL connections. If you want to connect to 3rd party API's (sendgrid, twitter, twilio, etc.) you will need to run the Install Certificates.command file.

Since your python installation is in the Applications folder, your plugins might not be in the path. You can run the Update Shell Profile.command to add that or  add the following appropriately to your .profile


Now you can install and run all of your favorite tools!

$ pip3 install twitter
$ pip3 install twilio
$ pip3 install sendgrid

All this is in the Readme file – but you and I both went to google before reading it!

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