Post Election Depression – Heads Buried

There are many articles fretting and worrying about “the direction the country is going.” Don’t get caught up in this cycle of hand wringing. We are being shortsighted. I think we, educated, progressive, conscientious, and internet capable. (especially here on the left coast), have had our heads buried in the sand. We wanted to believe so badly that we could change the election by changing our facebook icon that we forgot about the beautiful and vast country we live in – from sea to shining sea.

“The country” isn’t heading in some crazed dystopian backward leaning direction. We’ve been there. We’re still there. We just refused to believe it.

Tuesday has proven that we need to work harder to share values with the majority of our country that are more tolerant, more accepting, more open to what we don’t know or understand, and more forgiving.

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One thought on “Post Election Depression – Heads Buried

  • November 10, 2016 at 11:16 am

    If you are a person who thinks voting for this or that politician is how the world changes, then I understand why you are crapping yourselves right now. If you want to change things, then change yourself. That’s the only way real change happens. If something goes wrong in your life, first look to see how you have contributed to it, don’t look to some guy in Washington. I did not vote for Trump but I NEVER get excited about any politician. If you did, that was a big mistake. Don’t do it ever again. Kay? Kay.

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