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Sable Cantus (right) plays with the South Coast Simcha Band


I play live music for concerts, ceremonies, parades, reunions, binai mitzvot, parties, etc.
You will find me performing regularly on trombone, guitar, and as a vocalist in and around Orange County, CA. I possess a Master of Arts, Music degree from CSU Los Angeles. I have played for in the U.S. Army band program where I was able to perform in across the country from Florida to California and overseas in Bosnia.

I have had the pleasure to play in many bands over the years and in many styles of music. I currently primarily play on projects in and around Orange County. I currently play Klezmer, Jewish spiritual, rock, folk, R&B, jazz, Americana, and I have a couple of great sets of kids music.

If you are looking to hire myself or one of my groups, please send me a note and I will contact within a day or two.

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