What’s This Podcast Really About?

My cohost Dave and I have had a lot of fun in our creative ventures these past two years. We’ve done parody songs, a weekly live show on Youtube, and weekly podcast, and tried our hands at some videos both scripted and improvised. We’re always trying new ideas out.  Back in June, I teased a new project we’re going to work. Here it is.

We have started a movie review podcast named, “What’s This Movie Really About?“. Dave and I are looking into the meaning behind the story. The morality (or cine-morality) that the film is trying to teach. We are also going to bring in guests from the industry (failed screenwriters, directors, etc.) to talk about their favorite films. Our first guest was Jesse Dollemore. Jesse moved out to Los Angeles with a script in hand. We ask, “What is the movie that you have seen 20 or 30 times and can’t believe everyone else hasn’t seen it yet?”

We are now five episodes into the program and I think this is shaping up to be a solid offering for your entertainment. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

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Film camera chalkboard and roll on wooden table

More Shows to come…

Creating, recording and publishing is something I love to do. I’ve been a fan of podcasts since I discovered Dave and Adam’s first show. Distribution over the internet of real people’s conversations.

One of the challenges of  producing a high-quality show is keeping both the hosts and audience engaged. How do you do that? What keeps a mass of people seeking out your content? Looking for that continual entertainment?

My podcast partner and I have been trying out different approaches. The Indispensable Thursday show has been a high-quality entertaining show for 73 episodes. We just haven’t found a model to gain a large enough audience to monetize. In order for us to continue making funny bits, parody songs, skits, and bringing in guests we would like to earn a little income. So far, equipment, hosting, recording time, and everything else has been out of pocket. I really like The Indispensable Thursday show. We are going to focus on some other types of content.

We are looking at more episodic and scripted content. Our original plan was to do a show like our episode of All Things Being Equal. Writing a 20 minute script, recording, producing, and editing is a lot of work. We couldn’t possibly put out a show like that on a regular basis.

So we’ll work this year on some entertaining episodic show ideas, get together with some actors in the studio, produce a bunch of shows, and get back to you with a series.

Look for more content you will love from this creative team.


Episode 72 – The Boy and the Dead Gorilla

I’m shocked that this kind of language is happening on a podcast!

72 – The Boy and the Dead Gorilla

Episode 71 – Elizabethan Steampunk Load

This week Dave was all dressed up! With a new HD camera for YouTube we’ve managed to step up the show’s production quality while keeping the sound pristine and keeping things funny! Enjoy Dave’s blazer.

71 – Elizabethan Steampunk Load

Episode 70 – The Tao of Dollemore

This week we had fun when friend of the show Jesse Dollemore dropped by and decided to sit in with us. We got at least one good joke in this week. What do you think about the men’s cologne discussion?

70 – The Tao of Dollemore