New App for Mac

New App for Mac

There is a new desktop app for managing your hosted WordPress sites. It’s part of the new redesign. It’s pretty fancy so far. I have been able to immediately experience the benefits of the app by hooking up a couple of sites for posting and management.

First install the JetPack plugin. You can turn off most of the extra features that you don’t want or need. I think the Carousel plugin is fantastic. It’s also worth checking out the protection and CDN plugins.

Install the desktop app and your are ready to go. What do you think so far?


47 – Si World | The Indispensable Thursday Show

Don’t spoil the punchline, Dave! Here are a few fantastic features of this week’s episode we made just for you, baby, cuz, like, you know you’re the only one, baby, you know we love you, don’t be like that, baby, come on!* The Comedy and Magic Club was pretty good* People who like EDM are technically retarded* TC Electronic Looper Pedal* Si World and their new marketing campaign* Dave tells an old joke to make up for his failed ones* Dave commits Improv-icide* Dave gets climate shamed* Dave’s wife panicks over an obvious scam caller* Amazon streaming sucksThank you for subscribing and for your support. Visit and use the amazon link to buy yourself a sweet new guitar pedal. Or use the paypal link to send us a few bucks we will spend on beer.@SableAndDave

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