Children Need To Move A LOT And Are Being Punished In School Because Of It

Children Need To Move A LOT And Are Being Punished In School Because Of It

Kids can’t sit still and we are punishing them because of it.

The article is here:

“The problem: children are constantly in an upright position these days. It is rare to find children rolling down hills, climbing trees, and spinning in circles just for fun. Merry-go-rounds and teeter-totters are a thing of the past. Recess times have shortened due to increasing educational demands, and children rarely play outdoors due to parental fears, liability issues, and the hectic schedules of modern-day society. Lets face it: Children are not nearly moving enough, and it is really starting to become a problem.”
So what happens when you don’t go outside and play?
“…when compared to children from the early 1980s, only one out of twelve children had normal strength and balance.”
There is continued discussion here:

Children are suffering from this. They are being falsely diagnosed with ADHD. They are losing their sense of self-worth. This alludes back to the war on boys also:

“Boys, not girls, are on the weak side of the education gap.”
This has been a struggle for me as a parent of three boys. I see how much activity they need and have felt the pushback from even asking for 5 minutes of running around time. We have quit activities and have considered quitting more activities simply to give the boys more unstructured play time – which in turn will make them better prepared to learn and more successful over all.

Post Election Depression – Heads Buried

There are many articles fretting and worrying about “the direction the country is going.” Don’t get caught up in this cycle of hand wringing. We are being shortsighted. I think we, educated, progressive, conscientious, and internet capable. (especially here on the left coast), have had our heads buried in the sand. We wanted to believe so badly that we could change the election by changing our facebook icon that we forgot about the beautiful and vast country we live in – from sea to shining sea.

“The country” isn’t heading in some crazed dystopian backward leaning direction. We’ve been there. We’re still there. We just refused to believe it.

Tuesday has proven that we need to work harder to share values with the majority of our country that are more tolerant, more accepting, more open to what we don’t know or understand, and more forgiving.

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Diablo 20 Years Later

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.02.00 AM

It still runs! The original Diablo from 1996. I’ve been a diablo player from the early days. I built my first gaming PC to be ready for the launch of Diablo II (wow – 16mb of video ram was amazing). I spent countless hours learning and fidgeting with serial connections and networking to play these games.

I recently came across the original game concept documentation for Diablo (here is the PDF) and began to was nostalgic about the old games. A quick google search gets you a copy of the ISO on

I launched Windows 7 in a VM and loaded the ISO. Instant Diablo memories. Oh, it’s also full-screen at 640×480 :-) The music and voice-over work is just as fantastic as I remember it.

Remember to use ‘P’ to pause your game and hit ‘ESC’ to save often! You will need to run back to town in order to heal (unless you have a potion handy) and you will need to load up that quick spell book.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.07.52 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.08.17 AM

Remember the F1 key?Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.21.55 AM

(also see, Brevik on Diablo at GDC)