PFLists – A Firewall Frontend

pflists icon

PFLists is a free tool for Mac OS X 10.7 and later that gives you a simple GUI to activate and configure the built-in PF network firewall. PFLists is a really easy way to lock down your Mac’s networking. It’s also a very simple way to protect yourself by utilizing¬†the Emerging Threats list. There is a preset for it!

pflists presets

Load the preset and activate the firewall. This is kind of like a¬†“light” version of icefloor. Read the documentation for all of the wonderful features of PFLists.


Who Bought All the Pies?

I don’t blame this guy for buying all the pies. That was a fine way for him to deal with the issue. The commenters on the story seem to blame “obnoxious children” as a scourge or an epidemic. I’ve seen this on facebook too. Children behave in the way they see modeled.

It’s not the children people – it’s the parents.