Twitter is not Fleeting

You’ve seen that person with 52,000 tweets right? How about that new follower that you check out with 6k tweets? Isn’t twitter supposed to be something we use for in-the-moment events?

I always felt that twitter should be a fleeting service. Something you post and then it goes eventually. I had a few thousand tweets at one point in 2012. Sometimes they would come up out of context and I would have figure out why I said that and then answer with another cryptic tweet.

“Oh yeah, that was a sarcastic response to so-and-so…”
I decided a while back that I WOULD like to have my tweet archive and that I WOULD like to get some information from that usage. I DO NOT want every little tweet living forever. Who cares about my step count? Playing with IFTTT? Et cetera.

So I auto-delete my tweets. After seven days – takes care of it for me. All my tweets are still saved using Thinkup.

Setup at your own interval


I chose a seven day interval – pick what works for you.


Get insights at and maintain control of your own archive.


This is what my thinkup looks like:


I had tried a couple of other services before. TwitWipe had worked a couple of times for me but it wasn’t consistent. It’s possible that the first few thousand tweets just took a long time to delete and might have been crashing the service.

I would love to see auto-delete or auto-archive as part of Twitter or even as part of Thinkup.