I’m a musician, podcaster, teacher, coder, web-developer, technologist, digital media evangelist, amateur photographer, scuba diver, bicycle rider, runner, beach-lover, aspiring slack-liner, outdoor enthusiast, and more in and around Orange County, CA.

Here are some things going on with me.

The Indispensable Thursday Show with Sable and Dave.

Our show is a topical lifestyle show with both impromptu and scripted comedy bits. Please subscribe and send us your feedback on twitter @SableAndDave

Gigs and Events around Orange County and South L.A.

I play in a few bands around town. We are available for gigs.  Check out the music page for more info.

The 4th of July parade in Huntington Beach was fantastic. The band was covered nationally on KABC.

Our concert in San Juan Capistrano was less well-attended due to the thunderstorms, but we had an engaging audience, great sound, and the band was “on it”. Great gig.

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