forScore 8.0

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.07.25 AMforScore is my go-to music app. It’s the app that has many of my band-members over to digital music. Instead of spending time making photo-copies and organizing binders, we just share a setlist. Done.

The 8.0 update has been very good to me. The simple tuner is very nice – I don’t pop-out to another app now. Updated annotations rock too. There is a new widget in iOS 8 that let’s you quickly get a pitch. That’s very handy.

forScore has a few more features than many of us need. Here’s what I use it for.

  • Lots and lots of PDF’s in the library
  • Lots of setlists
  • Sharing setlists and music during rehearsal or before gigs
  • Quickly getting pitch or tempo with the built-in pitch pipe and metronome
  • Practicing a short passage by playing it on the built-in keyboard
  • Turning pages on long pieces with my Airturn BT-105 foot pedal
And so many more.

I keep intending to use the record feature during rehearsals but I usually record them on my iPhone. I’m sure it’s a handy feature.

Built-in Tuner

Built-in Tuner

New, Simpler Annotations Screen

New, Simpler Annotations Screen

Pitch Widget in the Notifications "Today" Panel

Pitch Widget in the Notifications “Today” Panel

Briefly, thoughts on iOS 8

The upgrade to iOS 8 took much longer than I anticipated and required much more free space than I was expecting. I guess there was more demand for the update than Apple may have accounted for. Maybe that’s why I had so much trouble downloading SwiftKey Keyboard from the appstore?

The little slow-downs weren’t a problem though. After a couple of hours, I was able to enjoy the new shiny features in iOS 8. iMore has a stellar overview of them. Many tech-blogs do too. A couple of small things caught my attention enough to share.

LastPass integration with Safari. This has already saved me so many copy/paste/switch taps. This alone is enough reason to upgrade to iOS 8.

Handoff. I didn’t expect this to work or be useful. It might still be a novelty feature. But, I have switched devices at my desk, in my office, and at home between the iPhone and iPad. It’s a handy feature and well implemented. With Yosemite, this feature may prove indispensable.

Recents and Favorites (contacts) in the app switcher. This is a brilliant idea. Your people are close and always available to contact. Especially with the little face-circles.

Locations and Audio notes in messages. Of course we’ve been able to do this with various apps – but it’s built-in, it’s there, and it works out of the box.

The voice memos app is a little more slick-50 now and has moved back to my home screen.

Some of these features were already on Android, but I’m glad to have them now.

SwiftKey. I used this on Android a while ago. It may have been the only feature I missed when I switched to iOS.

Quick message reply without leaving an app. This is another feature that was on the “why doesn’t it do this?” list. Now it does.

Siri now shows you the dictated words as you speak. Google Now might still be faster in this department but I use voice dictation quite a bit and am glad for the improvement.