miniLock – Fantastic encryption software that’s easy to use.

I have written about, and used, AESCrypt in the past as an easy encryption solution for non-pgp or non-gpg users. You encrypt your document and send it. Send the password along on another channel and you are good to go.

Here is an easier and better solution –

miniLock is a chrome application that you install from the chrome store. You enter an email address and a secret pass phrase that you alone know. You can keep this in your secure notes vault in LastPass.

miniLock creates a public key that you can share with others. My public key is:

Use that to send me an encrypted document that only I can open. You can also encrypt files for many people to open – just like the pgp model.

Why not just use pgp/gpg? Well, this is much easier and can be used by “normal” people. I’ve used gpg for the past ten years and, even among tech savvy folks in IT, have only been able to use it a dozen times.

Install miniLock in your chrome browser today.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.25.24 AMLooking for a more detailed explanation and videos? Go to github.

Print Name Badges with QR Codes Using Office for Mac


Print standard stick-on name badges that include a QR code that is automatically generated. The QR code will be scanned to check in attendee’s at events using an iPhone code scanning app.


  • Excel spreadsheet with the required information and the code generating formula that uses the Google charts api.
  • Word mail merge document with the correct labels (there are some tricks required at this step).
  • A code scanning app like the free QRReader that will maintain a list of all the text scanned and can then send a CSV file later.
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