Hearthstone Released for iPad

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.16.19 AM

I’ve been a fan of collectible card games (CCG) from the days of Magic the Gathering – Revised Edition. I’ve been playing off and on ever since then. There have been some great CCG’s too. Mostly derived from MTG.

Hearthstone is a fun and quick CCG that is free to play and free to collect. Hearthstone brings a good balance (in my opinion) of game play and customization. Hearthstone also balances out the most dreaded problem in MTG: poor mana.

Right now, you can download hearthstone for your iPad and start playing. I’ve played a bit during the beta and on my Mac since release. The game seems to play best in a touch environment though. This is how a CCG should be played!

Here are some screenshots of the game after recently installing.

For those of you just getting started with hearthstone, check out this youtube video to get you started.